What brought us together? 
A mutual love of bedtime stories, the sea, children, adventure, and a need to transform fear and loss into a celebration of life.

Mardee Kravit, the author, is an award winning writer and producer who has created and produced television shows for teens and kids, including the iconic Swans Crossing.  In between producing a sci-fi short film, spinning improvised bedtime stories for her kids, and salsa dancing, you can find her walking along the ocean with her family’s sea dog, Pema. 

Juliet Hitchner, the illustrator, is an Indie game artist and designer, self-taught in both traditional painting and digital art.   Between illustrating  her own stories and games, she creates art for Mega Games Society.  With a  group of game enthusiasts, artists and designers. she helps to run  large 60+people games- notably for their flagship game "Watch the Skies."  In her downtime,  she can spend hours perfecting her Halloween music playlist.