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Dealing With Loss BILLY AND THE SECRET SHIP Takes Trauma Out of Bereavement


Billy and the Secret Ship is a joyful tribute to the loved ones in our lives who give us the gift to empower ourselves. Also, it is a gentle affirmation of how someone faces transiting from this world.


BILLY AND THE SECRET SHIP (Coolgrove Press; $9.95/paperback; ages 4-8) is a kids book for the times, taking the trauma out of bereavement. Right now, sudden separation, loss and bereavement are hot topics in households across the country for kids and their families. Graphic media exposure of what’s happening in this country and around the world mirrors and triggers the fears children struggle with in the face of losing the people they love and depend on.

BILLY AND THE SECRET SHIP gently charts a world for a child who experiences loss. 
In this new yet timeless book,

Billy’s journey sails towards the realization that you always gain more than you could ever lose from those you love.

For Billy, it is his Grandpa. Throughout the years at bedtime, his Grandpa spins tales while carving a wooden ship. Over the years Billy always fell asleep before he could experience the full story. But one morning he wakes up to find he has to navigate the continuing adventure of the tales on his own. Both author and illustrator created this book from personal experience and work with children.

Author Mardee Kravit is an award winning writer-producer whose work includes television shows for teenagers (Swan’s Crossing) kids and adults, along with films. Illustrator Juliet Hitchner is an indie game artist/designer who has created art for Mega Games Society.

“Even though someone isn’t physically present with us, their significance and impact on our lives is everlasting. The illustrations jump off of the pages, inviting readers to become a part of Billy and Grandpa’s very special journey.” – Angela Byrns, Children’s Bereavement Coordinator, East End Hospice

"Billy And The Secret Ship is more than a book for kids. It’s an artfully written, beautifully illustrated life lesson for us all on the magic of imagination, the poetry of dreams, and the lasting power of the bond between generations. It’s the perfect gift to share with your children or grandchildren.” -- #1 NY Times Best Selling author, Marshall Karp -- #1 NY Times Best Selling author, Marshall Karp